Chaque mercredi, Yahoo vous invite à mieux connaître une entreprise. Petits secrets, anecdotes, histoires insolites, ne manquez pas l’occasion d’épater vos amis. Pour ce 22e épisode, focus sur le géant mondial des cosmétiques : L’Oréal.

1 — La marque française la plus “puissante” au monde en 2019

C’est peut-être l’entreprise tricolore la plus connue au monde mais aussi l’une des plus influentes. En 2019, le prestigieux cabinet britannique spécialisé Brand Finance l’a désignée marque française la plus “puissante” au monde devant Free et Michelin. Cette année-là, la multinationale française se paie même le luxe de placer trois autres de ses marques dans le top 10 : Lancôme (5e), Garnier (6e) et Elsève (9e).

The Universe is getting hotter over time, and the collapse of the largest structures in the Universe is behind it.

The Planck satellite, seen in this artist’s concept, provided data showing the mean temperature of the Universe is rising over time. Image credit: European Space Agency

The cosmic web — ribbons of gas and dust tying galaxies together — are the largest structures in the Universe, and a new study shows they are growing hotter over time.

Utilizing a phenomenon known as the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect, astronomers find these ribbons are three times hotter than they were eight billion years ago.

I’m furious right now.

Ana, age 15, eight months before her death — Photo by author

By the time my daughter turned fifteen, she knew she was dying. She’d already been sick for four years. She’d undergone chemotherapy, a liver transplant, radiation, multiple surgeries to remove recurring tumors, and a nonstop cocktail of oral chemotherapy, anti-rejection drugs, steroids, and opioids for her pain.

Ana didn’t die because she wasn’t strong. She died because sometimes children get sick and there’s not a damn thing we can do to save them.

By the time Ana was terminal, she was done with platitudes…

Elemental published an extremely thorough guide to the Covid-19 vaccine, answering every possible question. The FAQ will be updated and added to frequently as the vaccine process continues. The Blog will be featuring a few questions throughout the month.

People who follow me on @instagram know that I dabble in home design. In a hostile world, I choose to nest as radical praxis. People who follow me on @twitter know that I recently moved into what can best be described as a suburban Disneyland. This is the first time I have encountered holiday decorating as subculture and identity. I am talking animated displays, layered twinkle lights and displays set to music. refuse to be caught slipping. I am wrapping my front porch footstools in big bows to match the blinking “JOY” sign. Don’t start none, won’t be none…

Photo by Paul Felberbauer

With optimism, you look upon the sunny side of things. People say, ‘Studs, you’re an optimist.’ I never said I was an optimist. I have hope because what’s the alternative to hope? Despair? If you have despair, you might as well put your head in the oven. — Studs Terkel

The voice on the phone was uncharacteristic without the lilt, the sudden laugh, the optimism usually expressed. Who among us would be cheerful or express anything but a somber sense of helplessness when the “C” word is used in our diagnosis?

There is a unique takeaway from literature’s first work of science fiction that is in need of use.

The sentences dragged on and the words were annoying. We counted how many pages were left. We sludged through each chapter.

The great academic tragedy of our hatred for homework: we let incredible lessons sail right over our heads. We groaned and detested absolute masterpieces.

You probably grossly misunderstand Frankenstein. But it isn’t entirely your fault.

The irony of Mary Shelley’s original story lies in its overt mutilation by pop culture. With the rise of AI, gene editing, and rethinking animal consciousness, the book is strikingly relevant and full of lessons.

Above all, there’s a particularly useful application of wisdom…

Former Morning Musume. It has been revealed that Riho Sayashi will appear on Nippon Television’s “Nobody Knows Akashi Family 6th” (7 pm-), which will be broadcast on the 13th.

The sixth special program that has unearthed an unknown side of the laughing monster, pacific saury Akashiya. this featured project, “Legendary God Quotations!” pacific saury’s Shivering One Word “”, pacific saury’s “That”, which leaves wise sayings (myths) to various people both inside and outside the entertainment world Introducing the episode of “Shivering in one word” along with the testimony of the gorgeous members. In an interview, Sayashi, a famous actor…

The number of suicides in November was 1798 (preliminary figures), an increase of 182 (up 11.3%) from the same month last year. The breakdown is 1169 men and 629 women. The National Police Agency announced on the 10th.


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